Alyssa Brodie, originally from Miami, FL, graduated from Boston University (BU) with a degree in Communication and a minor in International Relations. The highlight of college, however, was her final semester in an elective acting course. It was in this class, during a performance of Victoria Wood’s “Brontëburgers,” that she asserted: “this is what I am meant to do in life."

Alyssa’s career began with a role in Darren Stein’s (Jawbreaker) independent hit feature, “G.B.F.,” written by George Northy (MTV’s Faking It). From there, Alyssa filmed various independent films, national commercials, and television shows. Her ultimate goal, now living in California, is to help audiences to suspend their imagination and transcend their reality through film and television.

Alyssa completed her college career as a member of the coveted former secret society of BU, The Scarlet Key Society, as an active sister of Kappa Delta sorority, and as BU’s “Woman of the Year” nominee.